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villa nova community association

come see who we are...

We are all responsible for consistently maintaining a high standard of living within our community. Our residents’ satisfaction is a priority of the Villa Nova Community Association. We work to resolve problems and plan community events. Being a member of the Villa Nova Community Association means you are helping to improve and keep Villa Nova a great place to live.

Help us continue the great work of this association by paying your dues. Dues paying members may vote and receive a free table at the flea market. The accomplishments of the VNCA over the past years include: Buckingham RD Bridge repaired and reopened; installation of flag pole and war memorial; speed humps on Buckingham RD; 4-way STOP sign at Buckingham and Rockridge RDs; tree planting along stream banks to prevent erosion and protect stream environment; installation of wood duck houses to encourage repopulation;  USPS change to Pikesville, Maryland; repair of war memorial monument; new Villa Nova Welcome sign at the Buckingham RD Bridge.


In 2016, we fought Baltimore County Zoning on an oversized assisted living sign on Buckingham Road. We won! In 2017, we fought a Planned Unit Development of a 66-unit low income apartment complex at the PAhl's Farm property on Bedford Road and we won! In 2017, we fought the development plans of a P.U.D. at the Augsburg Village and we won!

United we stand! Thank you Villa Nova! All accomplished because of you!


  • Median Home Price: $255,599 ( more expensive than 38.6% of the neighborhoods in Maryland and 62.5% of U.S.

  • Has a higher income than 69.8% of neighborhoods in U.S.

  • 45.9% are employed in executive, management and professional occupations

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