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vnca history

Established 1935

 The Villa Nova Community Association (VNCA) was founded in 1935 to encourage community spirit, enhance the community, and coordinate and facilitate services needed by the residents of Villa Nova. The first VNCA president was Bob Test, a magician. Over the next 58 years, the Association went through a number of changes of orientation and effectiveness. By the mid-1930’s, enough homeowners were in residence to start the Villa Nova Improvement Association. By the late 1950’s, the Association was virtually quiescent and the Woman’s Club of Villa Nova was formed. This group was very active during the 60’s helping support the AFS foreign student program at Milford Mill High School; helping with retarded children and the summer camp on Rolling Road. The Woman’s Club was also politically active on matters of local concern. At this point, the Women’s Club became the Villa Nova Community Club to distinguish it from the earlier Villa Nova Improvement Association. In the 1980’s, the name was again changed to the Villa Nova Community Association and was incorporated. The Association’s focus was on trying to maintain property values.
In 1993, the VNCA was revitalized over the issue of replacing the Buckingham Road bridge. The bridge had been damaged and closed for several years limiting access to Liberty Road to either Essex or Milford Mill Roads. Under the leadership of the president, Rosalie Poole, the community was galvanized into political action and in 1995, the bridge was rebuilt and opened to traffic. With state aid, the VNCA was able to have new, more attractive signs denoting the community, installed on both Essex and Buckingham Roads. The VNCA also had a memorial plaque and flag pole installed at Villa Nova Park at Prince George and Buckingham Roads; completion of various beautification projects; and continues the enforcement of county zoning regulations.
The VNCA maintains the flowers boxes; bulletin boards; signs; and walking paths near the stream; and coordinates the activities and services that are free to VNCA members. In addition, the association’s leadership and has been instrumental in getting needed improvements to parks, roads and structures in Villa Nova. Two recent successful initiatives include the designation of Villa Nova as a Pikesville community and the court case to have a business sign removed from a residential area. You may visit the VNCA website at as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.
The VNCA Board meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Membership on the board is open to all VNCA members.  There are many opportunities to share your talent and explore your interests while working with the Villa Nova Board.  In addition, any VNCA member can work on any project or event.  Please consider serving on the Board or helping on one of the committees or events.


The following are some of the things the VNCA has accomplished in the last 15 years:

In 2003, rumble strips were installed on Essex Road above Rockridge Road to alleviate speeding in Essex Road and in 2005, traffic calming “speed humps” were installed on Buckingham Road to help slow traffic approaching Rockridge Road from Campfield Road. Since 2005, we have worked with the USPS to change the city designation to Pikesville. While some residents still retain the 21207 zipcode, most residents were already in the 21208 zipcode. In 2014, the Buckingham Road bridge welcome sign that was damaged was replaced.In 2016, VNCA fought to have an oversized business sign removed from an assisted living home. In 2017 - 2018, VNCA worked with Councilman Julian Jones on the Augsburg Village P.U.D. and fought the P.U.D. development of a low income 66 unit apartment development at the former Pahl's Farm.

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